A Movement of the Heart

Dominika had texted me so that we could find each other at the Buddhafield Festival in North Devon – among the 2500 others searching for themselves and each other who attend this annual event. The mind can’t deceive the heart . It can put a break on the movement of the heart as a prudent and pragmatic statement of thought. And it is certainly important to keep that capacity available. It is obviously, at times, unwise and possibly, unskilful, to let the movement of the heart flow.When Dominika and I spotted each other at Buddhafield, we didn’t stroll across to each other but hurried toward each other. There was unmistakable delight and happiness to see each other. I could not see any solid reason for exercising the discipline of the mind on our connection. It was not that anything had to be said.

In our relaxed and contented presence, we trusted in the matters of the heart, the warm flow of the energy and the natural injection of aliveness when two people thoroughly enjoy such inter-action together. Immediately after Buddhafield, I hurried off to the French Yatra. We would keep in touch with a regular text message. Fourteen days of Yatra offered the necessary space to see what would come next.

In the dharma, psychotherapy and new age circles, we are forever talking about ‘listening to our heart’ – as if the heart mattered more than our head.

We need to use our head as well and let it rule the movement of the head rule the movement of the heart. It is a matter of wisdom of clarity. Head and Heart must be the servant of wisdom, and wisdom the servant of clarity.

Right now, the heart is given licence to flow freely. It is the location to place the trust.

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