A David and Goliath story for Burma

A friend since the early 1980’s, David Arnott has placed his concentration for 20 years on secuing the welfare of the people of Burma. Aside from assembling a massive amount about Burma, he meets with politicians,  academics and aid agencies, East and West, in a quiet determination to bridge the deadlock between the Burmese government and the Burmese people.

It is a bit of a David and Goliath story. If you click on the website referred to below, you have immediate access to countless international reports, articles and reviews of the situation in Burma.


Many dharma practitioners have benefitted immensely from practising meditation in Burma or attending retreats with teachers, Western and Burmese, trained in Burma. It is one of the glimmers of light emerging out of Burma.


Visitors to Burma depart with a single report -the extraordinary kindness of the Burmese, who do not rage against the government, nor engage in acts of terror, but quietyle get on with their lives, social and religious. Their attitude inspires people like David and others to find non-violent resolutions to the heavily controlled state of Burma.

There is a page in the Online Burma Library with links to UN, Media, Burmese activist and other sites with information and updates on the aftermath of the cyclone in

Burma   http://burmalibrary.org/docs4/Cyclone_sites.htm


The donations section of the page includes a link to AVAAZ  http://www.avaaz.org/en/


which is working with the International Burmese Monks Organization  (Sasana Moli) to channel relief  via the Buddhist networks in Burma.


I welcome comments/additions to the page, and/or on the work of Sasana Moli


David Arnott,

Burma  Peace Foundation

Online Burma/Myanmar Library

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Email darnott@iprolink.ch

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Online Burma/Myanmar Library — http://www.burmalibrary.org Annotated and classified links to more than 17,000 full-text documents on Burma/Myanmar


David Arnott’s photo site — http://www.arnott-photo.org


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