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Is the UK a civilised country? The act of making war on other nations shows a lack of civilised behaviour

Successive British governments for generations, as well as far too many British citizens, have promoted the view that Britain is a truly civilised nation.  There is an immense amount of hubris around such a viewpoint that must make countless numbers around the rest of the world shake their head in disbelief at such naivety at our history. Continue reading 

If you want to buy bourgeois clothes, pay a visit to your local charity shop….

I have  had my black blazer since the 1980’s that I bought in a charity shop. Worn, lost its shape, torn pocket, so I paid a visit today to the charity shop, a few minutes walk from home in Totnes (Devon, UK).  I bought for seven quid (£7.00) a rather immaculate, beautifully fitting black jacket. I know nothing about designer labels.  So I googled the label, Louis Feraud, and up came this article. Like the writer below,  I never heard either of Louis Feraud. Continue reading 

Emeli Sande – a classically powerful voice with personal and social concerns..


I received for Christmas a great music CD. I know tastes in music vary a lot. Nshorna, my daughter, gave me for Christmas the year’s best selling album by Scotland’s Emeli Sande – Our Version of Events. 19 tracks. Five stars. Better still. Six stars.

Emeli Sande offers a personal, social, political comment in her music. She is a woman with a wonderful , wonderful voice. Continue reading 

Is attachment to maximising income in the West corrupting the Buddhist/Yoga/Advaita/Mindfulness tradition?

Small incidents often go unnoticed. I recall staying in the Wat Suanmoke (the Monastery of the Garden of Liberation) in Chai Ya, southern Thailand, where I received my first Dharma teachings from Ven. Ajahn Buddhadassa, the most radical Thai teacher of the 20th century.

At the end of my 17 day stay there in February, 1970, I asked Ajahn Poh, the deputy Abbot, about making a dana (donation). He said: “Oh, buy a few kilos of bananas.”

We can’t live just on bananas.  Continue reading