Zoom. India time Zone. Transforming Corruptions of the Mind. Buddha Study Guide. Saturday 14 May 2022. Two 60-minute sessions.

We will address corruptions in the mind, such as greed, envy and negativity to see and know the end of such unhealthy patterns.
We will also explore conventional views of everyday mind and recognition of views emerging from the depth of our being.
Two 60-minute meetings take place on Saturday 14 May 2022. Themes make use of two of Buddha’s discourses. See times below.
Sutta 7 – Simile of the Cloth and Sutta 1 The Root of All Things. The first discourse explores ways to free from heart-mind from corruption and later session includes exploring fixed and often shallow views in the mind and capacity to see deeper.

Join the Buddha Study Guide (BSG) meeting. No charge.
With Christopher
Register with Suchitra. s.shenoy@gmail.com
Register to receive Zoom link from Suchitra.
Suchitra will facilitate a 30-minute sharing with participants on the theme after the first session.
You can join any time during the year.
A One Day per Month Study of specific Discourses of the Buddha.
Two 60-minute sessions.
India Standard Time 12.30 pm. CET at 8 am.
India Standard Time. 20.30. CET 16.00.
No registration cost. On donation.
Participants will receive a free PDF of the 48-page Buddha Study Guide and a PDF of Ulla’s reflections/analysis of the major discourses.
Session includes meditation, talk and Q and A.
Suitable for those with knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings and beginners.
The discourses reveal a depth suitable for daily life.
You will find treasures in the texts.
We focus on the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha – the most loved book of teachings with 152 discourses.
Previous recorded meetings are available.
We look forward to seeing you.
A single sentence can change a life.



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