Would you like to help me win a $100,000 prize in an essay competition?

From time to time, I buy a copy of the excellent Times Literary Supplement (TLS), a British monthly,  large format publication, with numerous in-depth book reviews and advertisements for new books etc.

In the current (November,2016) issue, the Nine Dots Prize offers $100,000 and a book deal with Cambridge University Press for the winning submission for a 3000-word essay on the question: “Are Digital Technologies making Politics Impossible?”

A 12-strong board of internationally recognised academics, authors and journalists will judge the submissions.

I have an interest in the theme of digital technologies/data storage/social media/politics and am currently sketching out ideas.

I would love to hear your brief responses to the question, perhaps through two or three bullet points.

Your response will help me write the essay. If, Inshallah, I win the prize then I have a very good use for a significant sum of the money.  I wish to give some extra support to our school in Bodh Gaya at this time. see http://www.meditationinindia.org.  see bodh gaya school link on home page.

Funded by a British Charity, the Nine Dots Prize encourages innovative thinking to address problems facing the modern world.

Deadline for the essay is Tuesday 31 January 2017.

Please feel free to make a few points on my blog, an email, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

I look forward to reading any responses. Pass the word on.

Or submit an essay yourself if you wish to develop the issue.

See www.ninedotsprize.org

  • I am bot sure what you are asking but I think you are asking for possible ideas to include in the essay – offered here? so, here goes – if it will help you win! i guess you could find good and bad points around the internet and political engagement. From what I have been told – it seemed to be instrumental in the ‘arab spring’ – depending on what you believe about those events and there aftermath – that might something worth considering? Another point that may be of relevance – that I would be interested to hear your views on – is whether social media turns to many of us into couch potatoes where a more active participation in social/environmental issues would better serve our collective interests? There is also opportunities through social media to sign petitions – and contribute to – many good causes. This seems like a positive outcome as far as I can tell. I am sure you have a lot more insight into these matters Christopher but you asked so I responded. Yours Laurence

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