Join our Buddha Study Guide on Zoom on Saturday 25 June 2022. An Exploration of a Classic Discourse. Two 60-minute sessions. Register for link. No charge.

A One Day per Month Study of specific and most-loved Discourses of the Buddha.
Next meeting on 25 June 2022
Session 1. CET 8.00
Session 2. CET 16.00.
You can join any time during the year and attend as many sessions as you wish.
Two 60-minute sessions, plus 30-minute exchange Suchitra, the assistant, at end of first meeting.
We invite donations to support the teachings. See top right of home page.

The PDF for the BSG was expanded from 48 pages to 73 pages on 25 May 2022.  The PDF now contains 13 more discourses and PDFs of discourses of the Buddha.
Participants receive a free copy of the PDF.
Register with Suchitra.
Register to receive Zoom link from Suchitra. There is no registration fee.
We have explored 10 Discourse so far in the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha in the BSG. Sessions include reflection, short, guided meditation, talk and Q and A with a view to making the teachings applicable for 21st century daily life.

Dates for upcoming 2022 BSG Course
25 June. Simile of the Snake MLD 22
30 July. Mindfulness of the Body. MLD 119.
20 August. Great Discourse on the Destruction of Craving. MLD 38.
17 September. Greater Discourse on the Elephant’s Footprint. MLD 28

Discourses number and name explored so far in BSG.
10 Foundations of Mindfulness
18 The Honeyball
29 Greater Discourse on the Simile of the Heartwood
2 All the Taints
26 The Noble Search
46 Discourse on Way of Undertaking Things
118 Mindfulness of Breathing
9 Right View
1 The Root of all Things
7 Simile of the Cloth

No registration cost. On donation.
Participants will receive a free PDF of the 75-page Buddha Study Guide and a PDF of Ulla Koenig’s reflections/analysis of 12 of the major discourses.
Session includes meditation, talk and Q and A.
Suitable for those with knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings and beginners.
The discourses reveal a depth suitable for daily life.
You will find treasures in the texts.
We focus on the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha – the most loved book of teachings with 152 discourses.
Previous recorded meetings are available.
We look forward to seeing you.
A single sentence can change a life.

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