Do Join our Dharma Yatra near Stuttgart. Germany. From 6 – 16 August, 2019. We have seven places available out of 75 participants.

We wish to invite to you join our Dharma Yatra (spiritual teachings/pilgrimage) from 6 – 16 August 2019,  close to town of Reutlingen, near Stuttgart in Germany.

The Yatra now has seven places available for adults and children. A maximum of 75 adults/children can participate.

The Yatra includes teachings and instructions on mindfulness, insight meditation, communication, diet and global issues.

There are opportunities to share experiences, offer services and explore steps to take in daily life for the welfare of people and the Earth.

Our eco-pilgrimage is a co-operative where we all work together from the time of arrival.

Do contact us if you wish to join. There is a registration fee and an appeal for donations at the end of the Yatra.

Meteorologists anticipate thunder storms in the next few days in Suttgart area.

Temperatures are expected to drop to the early and mid-20 degrees during the days we walk in the forests.

Our pilgrimage will explore ways to support participants to be Agents of Change in daily life.
You will find all the information on our website including what to bring, how to reach the first campsite and much more.

We had around 10 years of Yatras in Britain followed by 18 years of Yatras in southern France. This is our first Yatra in Germany.

Dharma Teachers for the Dharma Yatra are Christopher Titmuss and Ulla Koenig.


We look forward to seeing you. It is a wonderful event.

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