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Inquiry over a Cafe Latte

I make a daily yatra (pilgrimage) to the Barrel coffee shop in Totnes High Street, five minutes walk from my home here in south Devon I sit there and reflect, write, read, meet with friends, people watch as well as have a café latte. Last week, I gave a dharma talk with question and answers in the coffee shop on the theme of “What does it mean to wake up?” at the monthly evening meeting of Consciousness Café, chaired by Prof Max Velmans, author of Understanding Consciousness. The evening meeting provides a forum for discussion of issues central to our contemporary understanding of what it is to be human, embedded in a social and physical world – a format of a 25 minute talk followed by round table and open discussions and breaks for refreshments.

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The Beautiful Game

I sent a letter to The Independent newspaper following the defeat of the English football team by Croatia. The defeat meant England would not be playing in Europe with the top European nations. We often refer to football as the beautiful game but money and corporate power has cast its ugly shadow over the game. There is a certain malaise in football – off the football pitch and sometimes on it. Continue reading 


Late last year, I sat with unblinking attention to watch Downfall, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. This German made film charts the last days of the life of Adolf Hitler (played chillingly by Bruno Ganz) in the Berlin bunker as Hitler swings between ranting around German capitulation to polite small talk like a heavily drugged mental patient as his hand shook incessantly from Parkinson’s disease. Amidst the obscenity of it all, he marries Eva Braun in the midst of hell a couple of days before they commit suicide. Not having been to the cinema for so long, Continue reading 

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