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Dear Christopher. You fly to different countries. Your CO2 footprint is a million times higher than a poor person…..I wouldn’t know what to learn from you.”

To Fly or not to Fly?

That is the Question

Here is the criticism extracted from the two emails from Germany about this wallah’s taking flights.

Thank you for your article The Profound Meeting of Mindfulness with Nature, in the book Rieche das Feuer, spür den Wind.”

 It’s an inspiring article. Continue reading 

Totnes. Past and Present. Points in Wikipedia. 35 years of residence. Explorations in recent decades.

A new Totnes resident told me this week to take a look at the Wikipedia page on Totnes (Devon, England). I learnt quite a lot more about the history of Totnes,where I live and love. Continue reading 

Make Marijuana Available to all Adults. Legalise the plant

Marijuana has been widely used in various spiritual and religious traditions of the East and elsewhere for literally thousands of years. In these ceremonies, the participants engage in a sharing together of the ritual of inhaling the smoke of marijuana for its calming and healing influence through the whole mind-body structure. Continue reading 

Would you like to help me win a $100,000 prize in an essay competition?

From time to time, I buy a copy of the excellent Times Literary Supplement (TLS), a British monthly,  large format publication, with numerous in-depth book reviews and advertisements for new books etc. Continue reading 

Olympic Games. Money wins medals not just raw talent. From Team GB to GM Olympics or perhaps to GM Olympcrops in a decade or two.

I wrote a polemic on the blog a few days ago on the O-limp-ic Games.

I wrote the need for a new kind of athlete free from obsessing about winning and losing, and obsessing with time/performance and selfie existence. Continue reading