Journey and retreat in India’ 12 February – 1 March 2016 with Ellen van Iersel and retreat with Christopher

‘Journey and retreat in India’ 12 February – 1 March 2016

18-day journey in India, incl 7-day vipassana retreat guided by Christopher Timuss

During this spiritual journey we will visit two of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage places. Bodhgaya, where Buddha reached enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, and Sarnath the place where he gave his first teachings.

In Sarnath we will take part in the 7-day vipassana retreat led by meditation teacher Christopher Titmuss. The retreat forms the heart of this journey. Your motivation to take part is essential for joining this adventure.

We will experience India to the fullest when travelling by train, staying in monasteries and during our visit to the holy city of Varanasi.

The journey will be guided by mindfulness trainer Ellen van Iersel. She has travelled and lived in India for almost 2 years.

“I hope to give people who are interested in meditation and Buddhism, but don’t want to travel in India on their own, the opportunity to meet this beautiful and inspiring country.” Ellen

For more information on the pilgrimage with Ellen, please go to

For more information on the Sarnath retreat from February 19, go to

Note from Christopher. Do join Ellen as your guide for the journey to India. She has a wealth of experience of India,  a wonderful mindfulness facilitator and a host of communication skills. A precious way to visit India, especially if it is your first time.

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