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The Fading of the Pink Roses. A Poem. A Photograph. A Reminder

I have a rosebush in the back garden – a companion for the 40 years since moving to the house in Totnes, (Devon, England). In July 2022, the rosebush flowered into a glorious display of pink petals. Gradually, this feast of colour faded with the petals slowly dying leaving only small, tattered, shrunken reminders of what was.

Yet two roses remained intimately at the top of the bush. I took a photograph of the rosebush and wrote a poem. Despite its lofty position, these two roses remain subjected to change and dissolution.  Continue reading 

THE POWER TO ACT. Three Examples. A Poem

I gave a Dharma talk (unrecorded) this month (August 2022) on our Dharma Yatra, an eco-pilgrimage, in Germany on the importance of direct action despite any fears, doubts and excessive thinking. Continue reading 

Why Did We Lose Our Way? An Apocalyptic Poem

Why did we lose our way like this?
fraught with such energy abuse,
as long as sun shines on crack’d minds, Continue reading 

DHARMA YATRA. An Eco-Pilgrimage of Teachings, Practices and Community. August 2022. Germany

Christopher and Ulla Koenig led our eco-pilgrimage in the green hills north of Reutlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany from 2 – 12 August 2022. A full attendance of 50 people, plus two teachers, participated in the Yatra ranging from 18 months old to 78 years. Continue reading 

82 Quirky Text Messages from a Grandfather to his Granddaughter living in the Loft. About two short texts a week. Plus Comment for Parents/Guardians

Quirky means eccentric, odd, whacky, unpredictable.  Texts for a teenager,15, living with her grandfather….

A year ago (July 2021), our family talked about the wish of D’nae, 14, to move from Hertfordshire, 30 minutes north of London, to Totnes in south Devon. Continue reading 

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